How to Boost your sex drive with these foods

Incorporate these foods into your diet, take your sexual pleasure to another level and and have fewer issues lubing up the natural way.
If you’re planning a night to remember, then you need to befriend these foods.

Women who down an apple or two a day have better sexual functioning, according to research. Apples also contain a chemical that resembles the female sex hormone estradiol, which protects women against vaginal dryness.

Couples should slip bananas into their diet to improve their sex drive. Bananas contain potassium, a critical nutrient for muscle contraction, which is very important for quality strokes during sex.
Bananas also contain bromelain which produces testosterone - and this in turn spruces up the experience of coitus for the man.

Garlic might not be your first choice when it comes to food consumption, thanks to its intense smell, but you better power past your discomfort because it plays a pivotal part when you want to revamp your sex life.
It contains an active substance that increases blood flow, making every sexual apparatus sensitive to touch. Thus, for a man, for instance, erections are easily achievable and more importantly, sustainable.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate improve blood flow to the brain and heart. It releases mood-enhancing endorphins that flood our bodies and helps deepen our propensity for amorous feeling. This translates into better sexual arousal and better orgasms!
Also - though this is hard to explain - most women experience a libido-push after consuming dark chocolates. And, this goes without saying: chocolates always makes us feel good!

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