How to Boost Speed of WordPress Site for Better SEO

In past few years seo world has been changed a lot and now it’s far complex than it was before 2012. Now there are more than 200 ranking factors which Google considers while ranking a site for a keyword. Website loading speed is also one of the main onpage ranking factors which is considered by google. Google prefers to rank a site better with fast loading speed and it out ranks a site which have slow speed. According to google a suitable page loading speed is 2 to 3 seconds so if your site is not loading in 2 to 3 seconds then it can harm your website ranking. If your site is created on wordpress then fortunately there are several simple plugins and tools which you can install to optimize your site loading speed. Here in this article I am going to discuss few of the ways to optimize your site speed. SO here we go
  • Test Your Site By Using
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Before starting your site speed optimization it’s necessary to check it first that what your site’s current loading speed is. For this purpose you can use an online tool called GT Metrix. Through this tool you can see your site loading speed in milliseconds. This tool also provides you information about areas you need to optimize in your website to reduce its loading time. In following screenshot you can check current loading speed of our site.
  • Optimize Images
Heavy and large size images are one of the main reasons behind slow loading speed of website. If your site is having a lot of images with large size then you have a lot of margin to  avail to speed up your site loading speed.  By reducing size of images with compression you can easily speedup your website to up to 50 percent. You can use different tools to compress image sites.
  • Create Cache
Creating website cache is an effective strategy to boost your website speed. However if your site is made on word press then creating cache is comparatively easy than a custom site. You don’t need to do any programming related thing. All you need is a wordpress plugin called w3 cache. By installing and enabling this tool you can create your site cache. This plugin can help you to increase your site speed to up to 40 percent. Here is the way to install and configure W3 plugin for your site.
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  • Optimize Database
Too heavy databases of a website can also be a main cause behind slow speed of a website. However database are necessary and you can’t delete any database file to increase site speed because it can create functional problems for your site. However you can reduce database size by deleting unnecessary and temporary files. For wordpress site database you can do it with the help of a plugin called GD Press tools. This plugin is used to delete unnecessary and temporary files from wordpress site without creating any problem for your website. You can install this plugin and can click on “clean” button to delete all necessary files. This will surely put significant impact on your site loading speed.
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These are few basic but very effective tools you can use to increase your site speed. I have used all of these methods to my site and after that I checked my site loading speed on GT Matrix again and got following results.
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You can see that my site loading speed increased from 63% to 70% which is a reasonable improvement after using some free tools. The site speed is still not great and should be improved a bit more but it’s enough to have that much improvement after using few free tools. Apart from these you can also use Gzip compression to make your site load faster. Shifting to a better hosting company can also help you to increase your site or page loading speed.
Author Bio: This article is published by Sara Jim who is working as digital marketing consultant at Bissmik which is one of the top Seo and internet marketing firms in UAE

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