7 tips on how to become an early riser

i) Go to bed early
Most people who wake up late are used to staying up late at night engaged in some activity or using the internet. If you are guilty of staying up late at night and wish to achieve your goal of waking early sooner than later one of them will give in and most times it is the early rising goal that will be the one that suffers. This will lead to you sleeping late and not being able to meet your goal of becoming an early riser.

My suggestion is for you to sleep early. Most times, you might not feel sleepy. One way I put myself to sleep is to read while in bed.

ii) Use an alarm clock
The primary function of an alarm clock is to awaken you at the specific time when you wish to awaken. My suggestion is for you to place the alarm clock away from your bed where it will be difficult for you to stretch your hand and shut it off. If your alarm clock is close to your bed, the tendency to reach out and shut it off or hit the snooze button while you are in bed will be high and you might continue sleeping.

If the alarm is far off from your bed, you will have to get out of bed to shut it off. The aim of keeping the alarm clock away from your bed is to make you get out of bed and shut it off. As soon as you get out of the bed to shut the alarm clock, stay out of the bed.

iii) Leave your bedroom
As soon as you get out of bed to shut off the alarm clock, leave your bedroom. My style is to go pick up my phone from the treadmill and read any emails and messages I may have. By doing this, I have created some form of consciousness to face the day. The aim of doing this is so you do not give your brain the chance to talk you into getting back into bed. You should not make going back to bed an option.

iv) Reward yourself
When you stick to a better habit of becoming an early riser, it is important you reward yourself. This is good as you want to continue doing things that are important to you. I use to reward myself by making a glass of warm lemon juice mixed with honey. You can find something you can do every morning that gives you pleasure. This will be your reward.

v) Use the extra time well
Do not wake up early and idle away. I use the extra two hours to get my kids set for school and plan the day. This begins after I must have prayed, exercised and read a passage of a book or a page or pages depending on what time I have left. By the time it is 6:30 am I am set to take my kids to school.

vi) Appreciate nature
I try to appreciate nature as the day breaks. I open my window blind to look outside intermittently to appreciate how the darkness gives way to the break of dawn. This experience awakens my spirit man. It makes me appreciate the biblical fact that light overshadows darkness. Waking up early is really important to me as it sets the tone for my daily activity. This is where you should focus on, making sure that this habit is actually important to you.

vii) Make changes gradually
Becoming an early riser is not a sprint, it is a race. You have to begin slowly. Begin by waking up 30mins-45mins earlier than you are used to. Repeat this habit for some days, get used to it then cut back another 30mins. Repeat the cycle until you achieve your goal.

Benjamin Franklin said: “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”.

I have shared my tips with you on how I became an early riser.

Let me know how you achieved yours.
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