Can we learn to become more interested in the well being of one another?

Suicide rates will multiply globally. In Ghana where I currently live, Suicide is becoming rampant and this is happening not because times are hard, times have always been hard. The problem now is that adults are increasingly immature. The society is increasingly frivolous. People have no true friends. Because friends see themselves more as rivals. The race is measured by wealth and nothing else. Set backs are mourned as wasted life's by those who should give love and genuine support. So a troubled man/woman becomes a laughing stock by those in whom they trust to share their situations with...

Calamities befall men and their friends shed tears with them only to go back and run them down at night. Adults are now children. The man can't even tell his wife his mistake or situation because he is sure she won't understand. He has seen her divulge little details to her family.
The pastor can't be trusted these days (only a few) because he is given to flashy cars and worldly ambitions. He rates men by their earthly successes and wealth. He can't be trusted because wealth he says is the ultimate blessing from God. Every day he celebrates only the rich and big tithe paying members in his congregation.

So the troubled man walks around with his troubles in his heart, smiles at all the children masquerading as adults around him. One day, he would weigh it all over again and say no.It's enough and before you know it he is depressed and suicide follows.

 I will ask some pertinent questions that I am also guilty of.
1) When last did we check on a friend that we haven't heard from in a while?
2) When last did we visit someone we knew was finding things difficult?
3) When we see someone who had it going so well and all of a sudden is finding it hard to make ends meet, do we make fun of them?
4) When was the last time we called the names of particular people in our midst during our prayers, to intercede on their behalf?
5) When last did we encourage another with the Word of God? 
The economy is tough and truly people are finding it more difficult to survive. We need to watch out for each other. We need to call, we need to visit. I am hoping we can bring some suggestions to make our welfare better.

3 Ways To Overcome Negative Thoughts & Emotions
1. Read your favorite inspirational story, Listen to some cool inspiring, music or watch some inspiring movies.
It helps to be reminded about your human potential. Ask support from a friend or guide whom you look up to.

2. Adopt desirable habits in your day to day life – such as truth, courage, integrity, and compassion.
When your junior goofs up, try telling him it’s OK to bungle occasionally rather than bombard him for it. When you have goofed up, anticipate forgiveness from your boss. Apologize. Take responsibility. Resolve to learn from it and move on. Train your mind to view life optimistically. After all, why ruin your present for an unpleasant imaginary future?

3. What you cannot control, accept…. and make the most of it.
When stuck in a traffic jam, turn on your favorite radio show, sit back and enjoy!
In conclusion we never know who needs just an ear to listen to all the problems he/she is going through. Let's be more caring. I am guilty of this too. I am going to try as well. To at least call someone per day just to say hello! Let’s ponder on this for a few seconds and decide to make a change today.

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