Sex 101 for Married Couples:How to prepare for sex the right way

By preparing yourself for sex, you make it an overall easier experience, and of course, more enjoyable. So, nevertheless, let’s not waste time – here is how to prepare for sex in 14 easy ways.

#1 Don’t hype yourself up. It’s sex, not the Golden Globes. Yes, it’s fun and arousing, but don’t hype up sex. When you start hyping yourself up, you can easily develop anxiety and, well, then you may not perform as well as you hoped to. So, deep breaths – billions of people have had sex before you, and billions will after you.
#2 Low expectations. If you want to know how to prepare for sex, this is an important one. Do not expect the sex to be mind-blowing. I mean, I hope it’s mind-blowing, but don’t place expectations on people regarding the quality of sex. Sex is very subjective so, what you think is arousing might not be to your partner.
We always expect the other person to rock our world, but sometimes that isn’t the case. It’s good to have a standard and know what you like, but if you’re sleeping with the person for your first time, it probably will not end up exactly how you thought it would. That’s why there’s a second… and a third time
#3 Hygiene is cool. I know, when you were younger you didn’t like to wash your hands after going pee. But, the amazing thing is that you’re not a kid anymore. Washing your hands is cool! Taking a shower is even cooler!
People like being around clean people. And, get this, people like having sex with clean people. I don’t know, maybe it’s the smell or something. So, just take some time before sex to have a shower and scrub all your nooks and crannies.
#4 Dress the right way. You are with your partner, I know you want to wear your 100-button shirt because it’s quite a statement piece. However, now is not the time. Really, its bad timing. If you’re going to have sex, don’t wear clothes that are difficult to take off and on.
That means not wearing an excessive amount of buttons, clasps, or zippers. Keep it easy to slide on and off. Also, wear something sexy underneath your outfit, as opposed to the underwear you wear to the gym. You need to make sure your husband is turned on just at the sight of your body.
#5 Hit the bathroom before. If you know you’re going to be having sex, go to the bathroom beforehand and just freshen up. Make sure your clean down there and make sure you are smelling… well, not sweaty and stale. Your partner will appreciate it when they’re making their way down south to the Promised Land. [Read: Secrets to making your vagina smell good and taste even better]
#6 Turn off your phone. No one wants their phone going off during sex. Sure, you’ll be able to ignore the ringing, but it does ruin your concentration. Sex is intimate, and it should be experienced in the moment.
Remove any distractions. Your Pokemon Go, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram – they can all wait.
#7 Tie up your hair. If you happen to have longer hair, just put it in a bun. No one wants to suffocate on a glob of hair while having sex, or having to remove strands of hair from their mouth. It’s off-putting and, well, just plain distracting. Yes, your hair is sexy – I’m not saying it’s not. But it’s sexy on you and not in their mouth.
#8 Know what not to eat. There are certain foods that can actually make you taste sweet. So, stick to fruits such as cranberries, pineapple, lemon, and apples. They’ll make your cum taste sweet as opposed to bitter.
Foods that will not do you justice are red meat, onions, garlic, asparagus, cabbage, and alcohol – you can thank me later.
#9 Stay hydrated. You’ll probably be developing quite the sweat session when having sex, so you want to stay hydrated. It’ll make sure that you don’t lose too much water from your body, and you’ll also be able to last longer.
If you’re not hydrated, you may end up crashing right after the first round, and I’m sure you’ll want to be able to go for round two pretty soon after. And that’s how to prepare for sex romping.
#10 Stay in shape. You need to keep your cardiovascular system in top-notch shape. You’ll be needing a lot of stamina and endurance to have a good time. So, go to the gym or go for a run. Keep yourself feeling good. Plus, it’ll also help with your self-confidence – a true win-win.
#11 Set the mood. Sex is all about the energy between two people. That being said, set the mood for you and your partner. Maybe light some candles, put on some love-making music, or cook a romantic meal – things that’ll sexually arouse you and your partner. You may think that this isn’t a big deal, but the little things can actually take you a long way.
#12 Keep yourself groomed. 70s bushes aren’t a bad thing, however, it’s always nice to trim it down. Not for yourself, but for your partner who’s going down there. So, take some time to trim and attend to any “wild” hair. People will appreciate the effort you put in.
Also, if your armpit hair is going in all sorts of directions, just take it down a notch – it actually holds on very well to the smell of sweat.
#13 Foreplay it up. Don’t just go for it, build up to it. Foreplay is always kicked to the curb, but it’s the best part of sex. It lets you explore the other person and develop to the climax. That’s what you want – you want to make it like a movie, not like a hit and run. So, invest some time in foreplay. You’ll love it and so will your partner.
#14 Get enough sleep. In general, you should be trying to aim for 8-hours of sleep a night. I mean, that’ll work for your overall health. But also, you won’t be able to perform well if you’re sleep-deprived.
If you sleep properly, then your sex life will be great because you’ll actually have the energy to have sex.


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