What is Sexual Soul Tie?

Do you suffer from a broken heart and cannot forget the person? Have you ever dated someone who was not a good match, but you slept with them? You stayed away from the relationship but kept going back? The enemy attached an invisible rope to that person. A soul tie means to be enslaved by a spirit that has a negative impact on your life and behavior.

When you share energy via sexual intercourse with another person you are getting all of the energy from their past and spiritual debris unless they have cleansed themselves of those connections before connecting with you.

Sex outside of marriage has a lot of spiritual implications.This is why it is so common for a person to still have 'feelings' towards an ex-lover that they have no right to be attracted to in that way. They can have a good marriage, but the soul tie will not allow them to forget that person. It can interfere with intimacy with your present husband. That is a sexual soul tie.

An ungodly soul tie grabs hold of you and pulls you in the past. It messes everything around you in the now because of your mind, soul, and emotions connected to this person. This person may have been your first love.

You may not believe in soul ties… but you don’t have to. These are all MY opinions. You don’t have to agree for me to share this with someone that may need it for the encouragement to persevere or a high five for doing so.
Imagine becoming the person you last had sex with. Imagine becoming like all of those before you that THEY had sex with. Would that be okay with you? Imagine.
You deserve relationships with value. Value yourself or no one else will.

Never sleep with anyone you wouldn’t want to be.” – Anonymous

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