Do you know marriage is not a bed of roses?

marriage is not a bed of roses, if you believe so, you're in dreamland, however, it can be rewarding, just as in everything in life, if you want something good, you must work hard towards it, you must sacrifice to get it..

Everyday won't be a honeymoon, there will be times of strife, there will be fights, all these are normal, even teeth and tongue as close as they are, they do fight, siblings fights, and they were raised in the same environment, not to talk of hubby and wifely whom were raised in different households under different circumstances........

Never give room for your spouse to unload themselves on another person,men never allow another man to put a smile on your wife's face while you're putting her in tears, you are slowly pushing her away women, never tell your tales of heart-brokenness to another man, you are giving him the map into your heart, he will sneak in without you knowing till it's too late to stop yourself from falling.
What you did to get your spouse, must be continually done in order to keep 'em happy, don't let you work or social life put your spouse on the back burner, they are first..

There should be nothing on this earth that you should be afraid or embarrassed to talk to your spouse about, you must be transparent with them, how can you be open to a fault with a friend, yet you're shy/ashamed to open up to your spouse, hmmmm.......your spouse should be your BF, your G, your go to, your backbone, your secret keeper, don't give away their role to a bystander...
Get your priorities in order hubby and wifey.

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